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Basic popular Greek songs to learn on your bouzouki

Song lessons recorded by OUSAK, providing from a slow paced and simple to a fast paced and enhanced execution of each song, to help you learn the songs easily, available in audio or video format.
Target audience is beginner and intermediate bouzouki players who wish to learn the provided songs by ear.

These fun songs have been made available to you so you can complement your learning experience on the bouzouki at your own convenience.


The following Greek bouzouki song lessons are available for purchase. Payments are via PayPal and a direct download link will be emailed to you containing the mp3 audio or wmv video files for each of the song you purchase. Once you make a payment, send me an email too, in order to confirm your payment and thus providing me with your email address that I will be sending the download links to.

Start by pressing the "Add to basket" button links for the song(s) you wish to obtain, then press the "View basket" button link to view your selected items or to check out. Once payment is received, I will get an email to you with the download links as soon as possible (within a day).


Price of each individual song pack is $2.00 (US Dollars) and also I've just began adding some song lessons in video format at $4.00 (US Dollars). Save money by purchasing them all at once for a special price of $29.00 (US Dollars).

These song lessons are in audio or video format and the scale, key and rhythm are provided on this page for each of the songs. Learning by ear is the way of the bouzouki. These lessons do not include sheet music or tabs. The formats available for each song are indicated.

Give it a go, order and try one today...
And remember, practice makes perfect!

Feel free to check out some of my fun bouzouki video recordings on YouTube


Get ALL the songs and videos currently available from this page for only $29.00 (USD), which you will be able to download to your computer. That's over 600MB of content.

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Song Title Format Rhythm Key Scale (Dromo) Buy
Aliti m' eipes mia vradia
Composed by Apostolou Hatzichristou
WMV video Zeimbekiko F Major (Houzam/Rast)

$4.00 USD

Kapetan Andrea Zeppo
Composed by Yiannis Papaionnou
WMV video Syrto F Major

$4.00 USD

To agalma
Composed by Mimis Plessas
WMV video Zeimbekiko Cm Natural & Harmonic Minor

$4.00 USD

Me skotwse giati tin agapousa
By Stratos Dionysiou, composed by Christos Nikolopoulos
WMV video Bayo Dm Natural Minor

$4.00 USD

Kaneis edw den tragouda
(Ragizei apopse h kardia me to baglamadaki)
Composed by Nikos Papazoglou
WMV video Tsifteteli Dm Natural Minor & Ousak

$4.00 USD

Siko horepse koukli mou
Stelios Kazantzidis
MP3 audio Syrtotsifteteli D Major
$2.00 USD
Folk Dance
MP3 audio Kalamatiano F Major
$2.00 USD
Deka pallikaria
Manos Loizos
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko C Major
$2.00 USD
Folk dance
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko / Sousta Dm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Folk dance
MP3 audio Syrto F Major
$2.00 USD
Poios moro mou poios
Folk dance
MP3 audio Syrto G Major
$2.00 USD
Glyka glyka glykeia mou
By Efi Thodi
MP3 audio Syrto(roumba) Dm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Gorgona (Stin apano geitonitsa)
By Yiannis Kalatzis
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko Em Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
O horos tou baglama
Solo by Christos Nikolopoulos
MP3 audio Zeimbekiko C Major
$2.00 USD
Synefiasmeni Kyriaki
by Vasilis Tsitsanis
MP3 audio Zeimbekiko D Major
$2.00 USD
by Markos Vamvakaris
MP3 audio Hasapiko Gm Harmonic Minor
$2.00 USD
Milise mou
Manos Hatzidakis
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko Gm Harmonic Minor
$2.00 USD
Solo Hasapiko
Giorgos Zambetas
MP3 audio Hasapiko Dm Harmonic Minor
$2.00 USD
Zeimbekiko tis Evdokias
By Manos Loizos
MP3 audio Zeimbekiko Dm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Kalanta Protohronias Arhiminia
New Years song
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko Dm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Ena to helidoni
Composed by Mikis Theodorakis
MP3 audio Hasapiko Em Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Na hareis
Notis Sfakianakis
MP3 audio Kalamatiano Gm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Ikariotiko (Hronia kai hronia)
Nisiotiko, Giannis Parios
MP3 audio Mpallos G Ousak
$2.00 USD
Matthaios Giannoulis
MP3 audio Syrto G#m Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Doxa to Theo
Mikis Theodorakis
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko / Tsamiko G Major
$2.00 USD
Simera gamos ginetai
Wedding song
MP3 audio Waltz 3/4 F Major
$2.00 USD
Teli Teli
Haris Alexiou
MP3 audio Hasaposerviko (or Syrto) Am Ousak
$2.00 USD
Solo Zeimbekiko
(Olympic Games 2004 Opening)
MP3 audio Zeimbekiko Dm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD
Ta matoklada sou lampoun
Composed by Markos Vamvakaris
MP3 audio Kamilieriko Fm Natural Minor
$2.00 USD

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