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Laikoi Dromoi Reference

The Greek Music Scales & Modes from the D key:

Minor Scales

  • Armoniko: D E F G A B♭C♯ D
    Basic Chords: Dm Gm A/A7 Bb
    Other Chords: C#dim Edim Faug
  • Diatoniko: D E F G A B♭C D
    Basic Chords: Dm Gm C F Bb Am
  • Kartziyar: D E F G A♭B C D
  • Kiourdi: D E F G A B C D
  • Melodiko (Asc): D E F G A BC♯ D
  • Melodiko (Desc): D E F G A B♭C D
  • Niavent: D E F G♯ A B♭C♯ D
  • Ousak: D E♭F G A B♭C D
    Basic Chords: Dm Gm Cm Eb F Bb
  • Poimeniko: D E F G♯ A B C D
  • Sambah: D E F G♭A B♭C D
    Basic Chords: Dm F Gb C
    Other Chords: C7 Am Bbm Edim

Major Scales
  • Hitzaz: D E♭F♯ G A B♭C D
    Basic Chords: D Gm Cm Eb
  • Hitzazkiar: D E♭F♯ G A B♭C♯ D
  • Houzam: D F F♯ G A B C♯ D
  • Matzore: D E F♯ G A B C♯ D
    Basic Chords: D G A/A7 Em
    Other Chords: F#m Bm C#dim
  • Peiraiotikos: D E♭F♯ G♯ A B♭C♯ D
  • Rast (Asc): D E F♯ G A B C♯ D
  • Rast (Desc): D E F♯ G A B C D
  • Segiah: D F F♯ G A B♭C♯ D
  • Tabahaniotikos: D E F♯ G A B♭C♯ D

Chords for the popular Greek Music Scales

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