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About the software:

"Laikoi Dromoi" is a Scale Generator for Greek Music Scales, with a Greek and English translated interface. This freeware application runs on Windows, and provides an interactive reference to all popular modes used in traditional and modern Greek music and songs. Screenshot:

Scales included:

  • Armoniko Minore

  • Diatoniko Minore

  • Hitzaz

  • Hitzazkiar

  • Houzam

  • Kartziyar

  • Kiourdi

  • Matzore

  • Melodiko Minore (Asc/desc)

  • Niavent

  • Ousak

  • Peiraiotikos

  • Poimeniko Minore

  • Rast (Asc/desc)

  • Sambah

  • Segiah

  • Tambahaniotikos

This program can be used by anyone with basic music knowledge as a reference to the Musical scales (modes) used in popular Greek music. Greek musicians rely on the knowledge of these scales, especially those who play the Greek bouzouki instrument. You may find that many of these scales are also used in other cultures, and may be known with different names.

Recognition and Awards:

Software Informer Virus Free award
Laikoi Dromoi

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Video Demonstration:

The following YouTube video demonstrates the program in action:

Features included:

  • Transpose: view the scale's notes from any starting note,

  • Batch output: option to generate all scale definitions from selected starting note, or view the same scale from all keys,

  • note display preference: your choice of Do Re Mi (in english or greek) or C D E,

  • Greek or English user interface: fully translated interface and output in Greek or English, with some the option to show greeklish scale names too. Also included is single click language switching,

  • tonality filter: to filter scales by type; Minor or Major,

  • spaced output option:  to reflect the skipped in between semitones; example:
    D Hitzaz:
    D Eb . . F# G . A Bb . C . D

  • Fixed width output: combined with the spaced output option, you can visually compare multiple scales for observing the differences between scales. It's like displaying notes on a fretboard on the same string (horizontally),

  • simplified output option: a unique feature we've implemented which reduces sharps and flats,
    For example instead of display E# the program will display F instead. Also this option helps eliminate double sharps and flats which appear in some of the scales from certain keys,

  • additional output preferences: such as inserting line breaks and preventing duplicate consecutive output

  • saved preferences: your preferences are stored in the registry, so each time you run the application, it recalls your last used preferences (such as output options and language settings),

  • copy/save functionality: save your output to the clipboard or to a file,

More features may be added as required in the future.


This software is now free to install on your Windows computer. Download from the following link, and then follow the installation instructions:


Application Name: Laikoi Dromoi - Scale Generator (Free)
Download size: 786 KB
Version: 1.2.4
Release Date: 15-AUG-2015
License: 100% FREE (Thanks to OUSAK)

System Requirements:

PC running Microsoft Windows operating system; Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.

Instructions provided within application for how to configure Windows to enable the Greek language.

Unfortuntalely this software is not available for OS X (Apple Mac) or for iOS (iPad/iPhone) etc.

Installation instructions:

About the author:
OUSAK is an experienced Greek bouzouki player and instructor, and an IT professional. His knowledge of Greek music theory and computers was the result of this program. OUSAK is known in Greek music forums where he has provided years of help to others interested in Greek music, especially in regards to the scales.

After getting frustrated with books and online resources that only provided scale definitions from the D key, and in specific formats or language, he decided to create this fully transposable scale generator as a musical tool which will help those seeking to learn and reference the "Laikoi Dromoi".

This software was originally released 6th of January 2011 as shareware, and then re-released as freeware on 15th of August 2015 as a gift from OUSAK to you.

Bonus Material: Basic Chords and Notes for popular Laikoi Dromoi (cheat sheets) By OUSAK 6/2013

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